Photo Credit: Sony Music

New music is always exciting, and April has been a month packed with great projects. One of the albums I have been listening to non stop is LALI. A self-titled album by the Argentinian artist Lali Espósito. She is a 360° entertainer. She acts, sings, dances, and has charisma. Something rare these days. Espósito has been working from an early age. She debuted in the arts as a child actor, and has been a part of renowned shows like Rincón de LuzFloricienta and Casi Angeles. Her spontaneity and humour caught the attention of the limelight early on, which allowed her to delve into different roles, from comedy to drama. The Netflix sensation: Sky Rojo and The end of Love are the most recent examples of her dramatic talent.

In addition to her success as an actress, Lali also claims her title as a pop star. Her passion for music encouraged her to pursue her soloist career back in 2014 with her debut album titled A bailar. An uptempo dance record with hip-hop infusion that would have a great impact on the Argentinian popular scene. Almost a decade has flown by since her musical debut. During this time, she has experimented with her sound by delving into different genres and styles, like trap; electro pop; urban pop; and Latin pop. All present in her projects: Soy, Brava and Libra. She has also collaborated with Latin and international artists such as Thalía, Pabllo Vittar, Abraham Mateo and CNCO, among many others. LALI seems to be a solidification of this journey. Her growth as a singer and entertainer is reflected in this record. It's a project that conveys the versatility pop can have in a refreshing way.

Generally, Pop is a genre that tends to be regarded as an easy and oversaturated sound, but in reality it's as malleable as any other musical genre, meaning it can have depth. This album is an example of that. The opener of the project is pure pop. Obsesión is a track reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000’s sound. Britney Spears - who is actually interpolated in the project - and NSYNC are the direct references that come to mind when listening to it. It's a song about an obsessive ex unwilling to leave her alone. This track feels simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic while maintaining a sonic and lyrical gravity. To follow up with this tone, we have a dance-pop track: Disciplina. A moody and electrifying song with an even darker sound that references the sultry universe of BDSM. As the record progresses with songs like 2 son 3, Incondicional, Diva or Quiénes son? LALI touches on topics such as sexual identity, her response to haters, womanhood and interpersonal relationships through the canvas of pop-rock; experimental-pop; R&B-pop and Electro-pop infused with Flamenco. It’s an unapologetic record that can surprise Lali’s most loyal fanbase, and pique the interest of a new audience.

Overall, LALI is a mature pop record that has a lot to offer. It's a thorough study of pop as a genre. A cohesive body of work, both sonically and conceptually. It's also a celebration of who Lali is today, and an indication of a trajectory that only seems to be moving upwards.

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