Original Photo Credit: Kuba Drabrowski/wwd     |    Edited Photo: Tania Muakuku Elembo

Måneskin is a new force taking over the music industry. They are a musical sensation that is peaking on every music chart across borders thanks to their growing international fanbase. But who are they, and why is their presence so important in the current musical scene? 

This Italian rock band is composed by Damiado David, the lead singer; Victoria De Angelis, the bassist; Thomas Raggi, the guitarist; and Ethan Torchio, the drummer. It is a very well rounded line up of 4 friends that find joy in the magic of rock music. Their beginnings took place in the streets of Rome, Italy. Via Del Corso was their first stage as buskers. An experience that contributed to their formation as performers. Simultaneously, they started to participate in musical contests for emerging bands and, in a rush to submit to one of these contests, they turned to one of the members, Victoria, who is half Danish and prompted her to randomly say Danish words. It was then that they decided to adopt the Danish name of Måneskin (Moonlight) to represent the band. After this first contact with the music industry, the band decided to take a step further in their career. In 2017, they became contestants on the reality television music competition: X Factor (Italy). Their talent and passion were palpable from their first audition and that drive took them until the finals. Despite coming out in second position. Måneskin was already in the national spotlight and their career started to take off from there. The following year, they published their debut album, Il ballo della vita. It did very well in the Italian charts and allowed them to make their first tour. In 2021, they also published their sophomore album titled Teatro d'ira: Vol. I. Both albums have a mix of Italian and English songs that showcase their versatility and potential to become one of the biggest rock bands.

Their career took an international turn that same year after participating in and winning one of the most important musical festivals in Italy, The Sanremo Music Festival. Their triumph signified the opportunity to participate in the European Music Festival, Eurovision 2021. They participated with an original song, Zitti e buoni, and brought the house down with that performance. The stage design was impeccable and very well thought out, with the pre-recorded shadows of the band performing behind tall panels, which elevated the performance and it made it feel like an actual concert. So it was no surprise they won. 

      Photo Credit: Eurovision Song Contest 2021

When it comes to their vision, Måneskin is a solid band. There is something very magnetic and honest about them. From their aesthetic, to their sound and songwriting to the inclusive message they stand for, there is no doubt they know what they are doing.  I had the pleasure of witnessing it in my own skin during the Loud Kids Tour Gets Louder. Seeing them live this past 8th of May at the O2 Arena was an experience. Their charismatic energy and confidence on stage draws the public every time. Damiano is not only the lead singer, but also the songwriter of the band. His capacity to flow with great breathing control between rock and pop rock songs as well as rap showcases how versatile he is as a performer.

Victoria, Ethan and Thomas are as formidable. They bring brilliant sound to every live performance. Thomas and Victoria are very in sync and energetic. They do an amazing job at interacting with each other and the crowd. And Thomas' solos are always spectacular. Ethan, brings the heart to every performance. The drummer plays an essential role in holding the rhythm of the performance with meticulous care and he does that every time. They are aligned with their craft and it’s refreshing to see young artists so hungry and passionate for music.

              Photo Credit: Francis Delacroix

The presence of this band on such a big scale is important, especially for the Rock genre. Over the past decade, pop, amongst other genres, has been at the forefront of the music industry and the charts. In the meantime, rock was alive and well, it was simply not mainstream. Måneskin’s current projection could potentially signify the Renaissance of the genre. There are many up and coming rock and punk artists that are catching people's attention, and that further proves this premonition.

Let me know below if you like them as much as I do. If that’s the case, what's is your favorite song? Also, let me know if you want me to talk about any current artist that might or may not be on my radar. I am reading you!

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